Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sometimes referred as ‘drones’) are increasingly being used in the Republic of Kosovo. Drones are mostly remotely piloted aerial vehicles. They are de jure aircraft models. Regulation No. 6/2014 requires that these aerial vehicles can be operated only with a special permission by the CAAK for the models up to a weight of 20 kg, and under the condition that the pilot has at anytime eye contact with the flying object. Drones are not allowed to fly above gatherings of people.


Conditions when operating with Drones


General conditions for flights with drones are:


  • The flight must be performed in such way that no other persons or property are endangered and that the surroundings are inconvenienced as little as possible;
  • The flight must be performed within 500 meters of the operator at all times;
  • Clear of controlled airspace, unless with ATC permission;
  • Clear of any aerodrome traffic zone, unless with ATC permission;
  • Clear of any military airbase or restricted/prohibited areas;
  • The distance to built-up areas and major public roads shall be at least 150 m;
  • The flight level must not exceed 100 m above terrain;
  • Densely built-up areas, including areas with weekend cottages and inhabited camping sites, and areas with large open-air assemblies of persons must not be overflown;
  • The particularly environmentally sensitive nature areas must not be overflown


See our leaflet explaining the basic rules when flying with drones.