The Airworthiness section of the website details the requirements set for the issue of the certificates and approvals required in order to fly a Kosovo registered aircraft.

The Airworthiness Section is, among others, responsible for initial approval and continued oversight of aircraft maintenance organisations (Part-145 and Part M Subpart F), Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO) and maintenance training organisations (Part-147).  The Section furthermore handles assessment of airworthiness and issues airworthiness certificates (CofA) and airworthiness review certificates (ARC).

The operations of the Airworthiness Section are based on Regulation 03/2009 (EC Reg. 216/2008), Regulation 4/2009 (EC Reg. 1702/2003), and Regulation 5/2009 (EC Reg. 2042/2003).

Regulation 03/2009 (Basic Regulation 216/2008) covers common rules in the field of civil aviation and basic airworthiness requirements, Regulation 4/2009 (EC Reg. 1702/2003 Part 21) lays down implementing rules for the airworthiness and environmental certification of aircraft and related products, parts and appliances, as well as for the certification of design and production organisations, and Regulation 5/2009 (EC Reg. 2042/2003 Part-M, Part-145, Part-66, and Part-147) lays down implementing rules for the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances, and on the approval of organisations and personnel involved in these tasks.

Airworthiness section carries out functions related to:

Certification of organizations for aircraft maintenance and aircraft components as well as certification of compliance with the prescribed conditions;

Certification of organizations managing the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and certification of compliance with the prescribed conditions;

Certification of maintenance training organizations (Part-147) and licensing of maintenance personnel (Part-66);

Approval of aircraft maintenance programs;

Approval of MEL and the ATL within the jurisdiction of the Section;

Duties in connection with approvals of air carriers and certification of air carriers and other special airline approvals (RVSM, CAT II, CAT III, MNPS, ETOPS, RNAV, etc.) within their jurisdiction;

The implementation of continuous control over all holders of certificates in order to comply with the prescribed conditions.