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Flight Operations

Air Operators desiring to engage in air operations in the Republic of Kosovo shall obtain and possess a current and valid Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) issued by the CAA.

In order to obtain the necessary certificates and licences, air operators have to comply with the legal and operational conditions that are specified by Kosovo, European and ICAO legislation. The CAA is also the authority responsible for prosecution and administrative proceedings if the relevant regulations are not complied with.

The Flight Operations Section conducts oversight of air operators through assessments of general flight operations, including operations manuals and quality systems. All licences for flight operations are subject to the Section’s approval and control. The Flight Operations Section oversees commercial and private aviation. Assessments of ferry flights are carried out, as well as technical assessments of Kosovo and foreign aircraft. Furthermore, Operations Inspectors monitor specific flights and verify whether they are conducted in accordance with current rules.

Certification applies to commercial aviation companies in accordance with the provisions of Regulation No. 6/2009 (EU-OPS). It includes and carries out the functions related to:

Issuance, extension of validity and changes of Air Operator Certificate and the relevant special approvals (CAT II, CAT III, LVTO, MNPS, ETOPS, RNAV, RNP, Dangerous Goods, CC Initial Safety Training and attestation);

Issuance of the approvals for the performance of other commercial operations, including aerial works;

Issuance of Air Operator Certificate for non-commercial operations with complex motor powered aircraft;

Cooperates with the Ministry of Infrastructure in procedures for issuance of operational licenses to commercial air carriers;

The implementation of continuous monitoring of compliance with prescribed conditions and oversight the safety of operations;

Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA).

This section also contains all relevant information for commercial helicopter operations, and encompasses aerial work, night operations, non-commercial operations and the corresponding legal bases.