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General Aviation

It is the responsibility of the CAA to promote and oversee the safe operation of all aspects of General Aviation within the Kosovo and also for Kosovo registered aircraft and Kosovo licence holders wherever they may be engaged in an aviation activity.

To that end, the CAA is keen to bring to the attention of all general aviation participants within the community, the considerable amount of good quality guidance and advisory material that is available to assist in activities such as pre-flight planning, performance planning, use of navigational equipment and hazards associated with aviation.

Whenever a pilot or participant decides to use such guidance material they must be aware of the requirement to ensure that use of any such guidance or advisory material would allow them to continue to operate the aircraft or activity within the constraints of current Kosovo aviation legislation and, where appropriate, the provisions of the aviation legislation in force in the country within which they intend to operate.

General Aviation Section carries out the functions related to:



Microlight Aircraft;

Hang-Gliding and Paragliding;


Within that scope of work, the Section implemented the following procedures related to:

-    Monitoring and evaluation of regulations, standards and procedures;

-    Development of legislation;

-    Administrative and technical-professional tasks related to licensing and authorisations of aviation personnel;

-    Creation of forms and procedures for the issuance, renewal and extension of validity of permits and authorisations of aviation personnel;

-    Approval of manuals and training programmes;

-    Appointment of examiners to carry out examinations of aviation personnel;

-    Coordination with Aeronautical Federation within their scope of work;

-    Keeping the register of pilots, authorized examiners, approved organizations for training of aviation personnel - sport pilots;

-    Implementation of inspection and oversight, issuance and revocation of the organizations approvals for training of aviation personnel - sport pilots.