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Personnel Licensing

Anyone wanting to become a pilot, whether for an aeroplane, helicopter, microlight, glider or hot-air balloon, has to complete a clearly defined training path. This includes theory lessons as well as practical training in the aircraft concerned. The training is completed with an exam. After basic training, pilots can take further training to become an instructor, private pilot or commercial pilot.

The CAA is responsible for issuing, renewing and revoking of licences to aviation personnel - flight crew and non-pilot personnel.

Licences are issued on the basis of completed training programmes which are conducted for each type of aviation personnel, following a thorough examination process. Once issued, a licence is to be renewed after a certain period of time defined by the appropriate regulation. Details on rules for this type of activity can be found separately for each type of aviation personnel by clicking on the name of the activity. Further details on how this domain is regulated can be found in Regulation No. 7/2009 on Licences and authorisations for aviation staff – aeroplane pilots and Regulation No. 4/2010 Licences and authorisations for aviation staff – helicopter pilots.

Personnel Licensing Section carries out the procedures related to:

Monitoring and evaluation of international regulations, standards and procedures within its scope;

Participation in the harmonization of regulations with international regulations and standards;

Monitoring and ensuring the implementation of binding international standards in the Republic of Kosovo;

Performance of administrative and technical-professional tasks related to licensing and authorization of aviation personnel;

Drafting of forms and procedures for the issuance, renewal and extension of validity of permits and authorizations of aviation personnel;

Approval of training programs and checking of professional abilities;

Appointment of committees and examiners to carry out examinations for aviation personnel;

Organization and implementation of examinations for flight crews and aircraft maintenance personnel;

Creation of a list of experts to carry out examinations and validation for aviation personnel;

Creation of a list of experts for medical assessment of aviation personnel;

Management and control of the Central Bank of questions for flight crew examinations and aircraft maintenance personnel;

Keeping the register of aviation personnel, authorized examiners, approved organizations for aviation personnel training and legal persons authorized to determine the medical fitness;

Implementation of inspection and oversight, issuing and abolition of authorization for aviation personnel training organization;

Control of approved safety procedures, programs and quality systems of organizations for aviation personnel training.

Part FCL

New EU Regulation governing FCL will come into effect on April 2012 which will impact on holders of pilot licences. The Regulation is known as Part FCL.