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Aerodromes Department within the CAA is responsible for the regulation of aerodromes in the Republic of Kosovo and the enforcement of applicable Kosovo laws, regulations, and associated aerodromes standards of the relevant Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is also responsible for environmental issues in the vicinity of aerodromes including wildlife management, land use, noise, and safeguarding of aerodromes.

The role of the Aerodromes Department is to develop aerodrome policy documents based on relevant national and international standards and ICAO Annexes, develop and promote internal and industry guidance materials, ensuring aviation safety environment and leading towards continuous enhancement of aviation safety standards in the Republic of Kosovo.  Aerodromes department ensures that aeronautical information publication (AIP) reflect the aerodrome data.

Regulation No. 1/2008 on Aerodromes requires that the operator of an aerodrome shall be in possession of a aerodrome certificate issued by the CAA. In order to verify and ensure compliance with required national and international standards, Aerodromes Inspectors performs complex duties in aviation through process of conducting safety oversight, audits and inspections of aerodromes, their facilities and personnel.

By the provisions of the Regulation 04/2011 on Access to the Groundhandling Market, each supplier of groundhandling services and each self-handler shall apply in writing to the CAA for an approval. Prior to issuing of an approval, Aerodromes department ensures that all safety conditions are met according to national and international standards and that ground handling activity at aerodrome fulfil those safety standards.


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