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Regulations 2010

Regulation 01-2010 Medical requirements for flight crew licensing (JAR-FCL 3) - repealed by Regulation no. 5/2015
Regulation 02-2010 Marking of obstacles
Regulation 03-2010 Joint Aviation Authorities requirements and administrative procedures applicable to commercial air operations - helicopter - repealed by Regulation no. 4/2015
Regulation 04-2010 Licences and authorizations for aviation staff - helicopter pilots - repealed by Regulation no. 5/2015
Regulation 05-2010 Airport protective zones
Regulation 06-2010 Laying down requirements for automatic systems for the exchange of flight data
Regulation 07-2010 Laying down requirements on air-ground voice channel spacing for SES
Regulation 08-2010 Implementing rules for the integration into a central repository of information on civil aviation occurrences
Regulation 09-2010 Implementing rules for the dissemination to interested parties of information on civil avition occurrences
Regulation 10-2010 Rules for the organisation and composition of the Board of Appeal of EASA
Regulation 11-2010 Working methods of EASA for conducting standardisation inspections
Regulation 12-2010 Certification of an air navigation service provider
Regulation 13-2010 Amending Regulation 4-2008 on ATCO licence - repealed by Regulation 5/2012
Regulation 14-2010 Common charging scheme for air navigation services
Regulation 15-2010 Implementation of the requirements on procedures for flight plans in the pre-flight phase for the Single European Sky
Regulation 16-2010 Requirements for the application of a flight message transfer protocol
Regulation 17-2010 on the Establishment of a Joint Undertaking to Develop the New Generation European Air Traffic Management System (SESAR)
Regulation 18-2010 Flexible use of airspace