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Air traffic controller licence application
ANSP change notification
Application for Accreditation of Language Proficiency Assessment Body
Application for an Aerodrome Approval
Application for an Aerodrome Certificate
Application for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
Application for Approval as a Supplier of Groundhandling Services or a Self-Handler
Application for Approval as an Authorised Medical Examiner (AME)
Application for Approval of an Aeroplane for JAR FCL Training
Application for Approval of an Helicopter for JAR FCL Training
Application for Approval of Training Programme-s
Application for Approval to Use a Qualified Flight Synthetic Training Device (FSTD A-H)
Application for Authorisation of Professional Training Organisation
Application for AWO Approval
Application for ETOPS Approval
Application for helicopter operations to and from natural helicopter landing sites (NHLS)
Application for Initial-Amendment-Renewal of Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML)
Application for Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) Part-147
Application for operating permit of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) under 20 kg
Application for Registration of Aircraft on Civil Aircraft Registry of Kosovo
Application for RNAV Approval
Application for RVSM Approval
Application form for GAT VFR approval
Application form for issuance/extension/renewal of examiner authorisation
Appliction form for theoretical and practical examination (HPL)
CAAK-EASA Form 4 - Details of Management Personnel
CAAK.FSD.AMS-FRM 001 Application form Medical Check
CAAK.FSD.AMS-FRM 002 Instruction Page for Completion of the Medical Application Form
DG-FRM 01 - Approval/Exemption to Carry Dangerous Goods under Special Circumstances
DG-FRM 02 - Permission to Carry Weapons, Munitions, Explosives, Noxious or Toxic Gasses, Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Materials
DG-FRM 03 - Issuance/Renewal of Dangerous Goods Certificate
DG-FRM 04 - Acceptance of Dangerous Goods Coordinator
DG-FRM 05 - Certification of Training Providers
DG-FRM 06 - Approval of Dangerous Goods Training Programme
DG-FRM 07 - Allocation of Registration Numbers of Participants
DG-FRM 08 - Acceptance of Dangerous Goods Instructor
DG-FRM 09 - Report of Dangerous Goods Transportation
DG-FRM 10 - Application for Approval to Transport Dangerous Goods by Air
DG-FRM 11 - Application and Checklist for Approval of the Operations Manual’s Dangerous Goods Segment
Occurrence RF-01 (Occurrence Report)
Occurrence RF-02 (ATC)
Occurrence RF-03 (ATS Engineering)
Occurrence RF-04 (Dangerous Goods)
Occurrence RF-05 (Bird Strike)